Are We Married Yet?!

I am making a list and checking it twice…


NO I am not making a Christmas List, I am starting our wedding guest list. The movies make wedding planning look like such a breeze, but it’s not, it’s really not. If I had the choice, I would get married at the court and save the money we’re about to spend on a trip, but hey that’s just me.
Bryan on the other hand, thinks it is very “hillbilly” to do such a thing.


June 10th marks our second year of engagement and I’m happy about that, I have Bryan and he gave me a beautiful ring whilst professing his undying love and devotion. I don’t care anymore, I’m marrying him regardless, whether it is behind the dumpsters where he casually fell in love with me or on Catalina Island where he proposed, it doesn’t matter. My parents were married through the court and have been together forever, having a fancy schmancy ceremony means nothing but wasted money.


I am not against marriage if that’s what you’re thinking, what I believe is marriage means more then a wedding ceremony, Bryan and I getting married means more then me taking his name and having his children, it means commitment, devotion and above all LOVE. That’s what people forget sometimes when they’re planning their weddings, it’s about the love you have for one another and everything else just blends in the background.


I’m getting carried away, have I mentioned how hard this is?! At least we have a date in mind…October 13, 2017! It’s Friday the thirteenth and Bryan and I both love that creepy shit, plus if people can’t take the time off to go to the wedding it’s nicer for us J


We do not have a venue, I don’t have a dress, we have no caterers or djs lined up. Like I’ve said I am not too keen on paying a large sum of money for just one day and one experience, but if I have to it better look exactly how I envision it. Originally we wanted to rent out a huge estate where we can hold both the ceremony and reception, having no limits to caterers or bartenders, but it’s been really difficult. I want to be able to have our fur babies, Kodiak and Dakota to be part of this moment! They have to, it’ll be a really big factor to our decision making when it comes down to venue location.


Wedding planning is just an overall pain the ass.
Save yourself from the drama and fights, get eloped.


No Bull Shit

If you’re my friend and I’m telling you that someone is not good enough for you, I’m not trying to be a bitch, I really do mean it.




Probably because you have told me time and time again how much they’ve hurt you or I have been the one you call at 1am crying about how he left you for another girl.


I am doing this for your own good, to protect you from making the same mistakes again. If you take him back after the countless times he’s lied, cheated and broken your spirit, it will only make his hold on you stronger. You need to woman up and leave; if you don’t, you’ll lose yourself, if you haven’t already done so.


Know your self worth and understand that what I am saying is for the best, as your friend I am rooting for you to succeed and you won’t if you have a parasite draining you.

Wardrobe Fundamentals

Wardrobe Fundamentals



Adjective – Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance

Noun – A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based


Trends will come and go and come again but nothing is better then forming a necessary base for your wardrobe to start. Do you remember watching Bravo and seeing Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style? Tim Gunn had a list of essential pieces that should be found in a stylish gal’s wardrobe.


Gunn’s list included the following…

  • Basic Black Dress (I Don’t Have One)
  • Trench Coat
  • Classic Dress Pants ( I Don’t Wear Pants)
  • Skirt
  • Blazer
  • Classic White Shirt
  • Day Dress (No)
  • Cashmere Sweater
  • Fitted Jeans (Nope don’t have that either)
  • Sweat Suit Alternative (does my yoga pants count?)

and a bonus Trendy Item under…$20


Looking at this list makes me cringe, I haven’t been too comfortable to wear dress pants or jeans since I was eighteen, partly due to the fact that I fluctuated in weight so often it was hard for me to stay attached. Did you also notice that there were no shoes involved on his list? Well I have formed my own revised list, a list of pieces that are my go when I am choosing what to wear.


My List is a bit edgier and alternative…

  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Alternative to a Blazer
  • Basic Black Skirt
  • Trendy Fitted Skirt
  • Flowy White Blouse
  • Edgy Black Heels/Wedges
  • Basic Bootie
  • Basic Cardigan
  • Silk Anything…


Your wardrobe should say a lot about you and a lot less on the fashion world, take cues from it but don’t get so lost in being someone else that you lose focus on yourself. Because fashion fades but style is forever.

Free People


Why Free People why…


I have a really unhealthy obsession with Free People, I am constantly pining over their new looks and trendy pieces wishing that when I press the heart button they would just magically appear in my closet. Why do I have to be so short and oddly shaped, I am five ft one and a half with a pretty average bust of 36DD.


I instantly gravitated to the Free People sale this past week and I was so excited for my order to arrive.



This is the Beck dress as shown on the Free People model. Tres chic, no? Bryan saw the dress online and said that it looked weird, his comment went out from one ear to the next placing the order anyway. When it arrived I looked at it on a hanger and thought that this was going to be an adventure. The material was lovely, it was white and ethereal just how I expected, the fabric was sturdier then I had anticipated. I try the medium dress on and to my surprise it fits really nice, the length was perfect minus a really crucial piece!


That damn keyhole was way too exaggerated, extremely too low, I mean if you have a flat chest it would look amazing but “OMG” I looked like a street walker, but just in better clothing. I wished it would have fit better or that the keyhole wasn’t too long but when I returned it I tried it on in the large and it was so loose everywhere else and made me look like a potato.

This year has been incredibly humbling; I can honestly look back at it now and exhale a sigh of relief. I did lose some friendships along the way, but it’s caused me to strengthen the friendships and relationships that I already have. There was a lot of growing up that needed to be done , a lot of letting go, a lot of it’s going to be okay. I tried really hard to act like everything was okay, I definitely had too much pride to say it wasn’t. Quitting my job at Nordstrom, was been the best decision I could have done. I can honestly say that I am better off; it’s just been a great time to breathe, relax and enjoy life again.


This year I hope for the best and I prepare myself for anything that may happen…

Everyone’s Talking About It…




Have you seen the Netflix original series, “Making a Murderer”? No!? Well get out from under your rock and give yourself a good 10 hours of free time and take this journey along with everyone else in the world.

Essentially it’s about Steven Avery a man who is imprisoned for 18 years for a sexual assault he claimed he didn’t commit. What, how?! Well speculation is the police from his small town in Wisconsin were out to get him. There had not been any concrete evidence indicating that he was the perpetrator of this assault and 18 years later DNA evidence was brought in and secured Avery’s innocence and short term freedom.


How about that?! Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the justice system and I praise the police officers who work in my city, but this was horrendous. You sympathize with Avery because he spent almost two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His life was in shambles upon his return, his wife left him, many people were on the fence with the decision that brought him freedom. You’re rooting for his success at this point but then you realize there are 8 more episodes.  Avery slowly began to pick up the remnants of his “life,” even finding love, he planned to sue the county and local officials for $36 million. Which I think is absolutely fair considering HE WENT TO PRISON, can you imagine being in prison for 18 years knowing you’re innocent and having to interact with people who have murdered and raped people, God knows what this man endured in there.


You can say at this point that Avery was definitely going win the case and be that much richer. His trial was widely publicized, receiving a lot of support from state and government officials.  You see the wide array of county officials backtrack their statements, just to cover their asses. I was angry at all these strangers, what could be going through their minds to unjustly imprison this man.


The plot thickens…


It’s obvious he should have left town, especially since you’re suing their police department right? As you watch even further you learn of them harassing Avery’s girlfriend, sending her to jail and all I keep thinking is leave, leave, leave. What would you do in this scenario? You’d want to go before anything worse can happen, before they find something else to pin on you right? Well he didn’t heed our unvoiced concerns and something unfathomable happened. Theresa Halbach a local photographer goes missing and who do they suspect first? Avery! I was absolutely disgusted, considering the police was wrong before, who wouldn’t say they were wrong again this time?


Do you remember the DNA that set him free, well this time DNA sent his life spiraling back out of control, I sat there thinking, “You have to be fucking kidding?” They searched through his home 18 times, by the way that’s an absurd amount of time but definitely plenty of time to plant some evidence. After the 18th search through Avery’s home, police find the key to Halbach’s missing car with Avery’s blood behind a shoe. The worst part was they brought Avery’s slow witted nephew Brendan Dassey into the mix; investigators coerced Dassey to admit guilt without the presence of parent or lawyer. These investigators were feeding him information that he couldn’t comprehend. You see Daseey’s story and it’s mind blowing to see how the justice system failed him as well, his scummy lawyer was there to get famous, not having any real intention to prove his clients innocence.


In the end you get the sense that the whole town was against this family, really making it a point to cast them out, dismissing crucial evidence, harassing family members, you feel for them. But you also have to consider that every story has more then one side. I like many others believe that Avery and Dassey are innocent, but I also believe that there needs to be a re-trial to really prove that. In this matter there are no real winners, Theresa Halbach lost her life too soon and Avery and Dassey are spending their lives in prison. If this case was once again tampered with, then we still have a murderer out there, if Avery and Dassey really did murder Halbach then we spent hours upon hours as sheep trotting with the crowd.


One thing we have to consider is how their justice system has failed at this point, failing Halbach, Avery and Dassey.



Oh Hey

I have always loved writing; it’s always been a great method to expressing myself, my view points, my opinions and concerns and NOW I think that it’s about time that I start a little blog. I’ve always been told to filter what I say because words can cause harm, but I think to myself and say, “get thicker skin, not everyone will like you or what you stand for, it’s your job maintain your voice.”


Don’t be afraid of offending people, it happens.