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If I was forced to wear one eye shadow for the rest of my life I would choose, MAC’s Electric Cool Eye Shadow in Coil.


It’s so magical in all of its goodness, first it’s a cream base and then when it touches skin it turns into powder. You don’t have to use a primer for it because it just glides on really well but I do just to increase pigmentation. It’s really fool proof, there isn’t really a need for a brush your fingers will actually do the job just as well.


It goes on really smoothly and feels so light weight, like you aren’t wearing any make up at all. The color goes on like a golden amber or a coil! It’s perfect on its own because it has that extra sparkle and sheen but if you want to add some more depth, I usually pair it with Mac Eye Shadow in Brown Script. To add a smokier effect when using Brown Script and Coil, I apply Brown Script on a regular eye shadow brush then mist it with MAC Prep + Prime Fix Finishing Spray. Adding a little bit of your favorite makeup setting spray can actually enhance the color of your shadows! Don’t forget to blend, it’s a really crucial step when doing a smoky eye, you want it to look effortless and cohesive not static and separated.

What’s your favorite eye shadow?!



Shoe Love is True Love

It’s almost been a year since I stopped working retail and it’s definitely taken a damper on my shopping ventures. Just recently I went to Target and walked through their shoe aisle and fell in love with almost everything I saw. I was so used to paying designer prices for designer shoes that I always looked down on any non-name brand anything. I believed the hype and thought I was too good for everything.




In a span of a weekend I had purchased 3 pairs of shoes that wouldn’t even total half the cost of a pair of Vince shoes! I was so proud to show them off, it was just a great feeling. Two of the shoes a pretty much twins of some designer pieces I saw at Nordstrom and the other was DV for Target! I had to tell everyone my exciting news, it’s okay to splurge once in a while on really nice expensive shoes but just remember you’re paying for the brand.

Women's Kady Ballet Flats - COGNAC

Target – Mossimo Kady Ballet Flats $24.99

Women's dv Kaya Thong Sandals - Tan

DV for Target – Kya Thong Sandal $22.99

Women's Caitlin Quarter Strap Sandals - BLACK

Target – Mossimo Caitlin Quarter Strap Sandals $34.99

J’adore Dior


I absolutely love makeup and this past Saturday my girlfriend Faye took me along her search for the perfect foundation.


We made our way through the cosmetics department at Nordstrom, other then the perfect foundation; Faye was also on the hunt for the Stila Matte Lip-gloss she had seen online. It was no where to be found but the search led us to the Dior counter, there we saw the new makeup on display. Bernadette the Dior associate asked if we needed assistance. Faye began to ask her about the new foundation displayed on the counter, it was the new Dior Forever liquid foundation, Bernadette proceeded to ask Faye if she wanted to sample it, Faye politely declined stating that she already had makeup on.


They both looked at my bare face, under pressure I decided to take one for the team. There are so many horrendous stories of makeup counter girls just doing makeup on customers and just scarring them for life, I thought that I would fall prey to that mess. I had stated before that I had always wanted to try the Diorskin Air Flash, it looked so cool being in an aerosol container, I needed to see what the hype was all about. It was like airbrushing in a can, it didn’t dry out my skin nor did it feel oily, it was the perfect consistency. Bernadette suggested to apply the foundation on a brush stating if you spray on your face directly you waste more products, made sense to me, I don’t want to cry over spilled makeup. Any who, Faye was impressed, then Bernadette decides to apply more makeup on me, doing my brows, which I loved by the way! I thought she was finished, moments later she is whipping her magic wand across my face and boom I have a smoky eye, bronzer and blush, all of which I loved, the only thing I didn’t like was her pairing of a pink lipstick, it totally threw everything off of balance.

My face was caked, thankfully I had somewhere to go and people to see.

Product ImageProduct ImageProduct Image


Our Engagement Story

Bryan and I have been engaged since June 10, 2014.




I can remember every single detail of the day and the days leading up to our engagement. We set off to Catalina for our annual mini vacation; we fell in love with the island the year before spending three beautiful days basking in the sun while enjoying some much needed time together.


This time around didn’t feel any different, I can usually sense a surprise looming but what was to happen next completely threw me off guard. A couple days before our trip, my friend Hannah kept insisting that I would come back an engaged woman, I brushed it off because I didn’t believe that it would happen and I had warned Bryan that he had to ask my dad for my hand in marriage.


June 9, 2014, we arrived at Redondo Beach to drop off Kodiak, our Pomeranian fur baby, to stay with his grandpa for a couple of days. We were a little early from when our boat was to depart so Bryan’s dad took us out for some lunch, my vacation started as soon as I sipped my first drops of whiskey. We were so excited we definitely needed this vacation and we were so excited for it to start. As soon as we got onto the Catalina Express we sat on the top deck and Bryan proceeded to order some champagne, we arrived to the island a little tipsy but just so excited to start our vacation!


We stayed at the Hotel Catalina the year before and loved it, Bryan was smart to book the same hotel and room! All we wanted to do was sleep but we knew that there was a ton of things we had to do. We put on our bathing suits and rushed to the beach, I brought a floatie to lounge about while everyone else swam around me. It was a perfect afternoon, I watched Bryan leap off of the floating dock and canon ball into the ocean making all the nearby kids laugh at his silliness. I thought to myself I am going to marry this man one day.


The next morning was a bit gloomier then it had been in a while, we woke up to have breakfast at our favorite place, Original Jack’s Country Kitchen, we walked through the city back to our hotel room after filling our bellies. Bryan proceeded to walk to the beachside on his own, I stood there watching him from a distance as I saw him looking out into the ocean and thinking. I prompted him to come back to me and we proceeded to make our way back to our hotel room to prepare for another day of swimming and fun. Again we were exhausted from our beach adventures, Bryan insisted that I get ready because he was going to rent a golf cart to drive around the rest of the island. Last time we were here we didn’t have enough time to explore so I became excited and quickened my pace in applying my makeup. We were going to dinner right after so I dressed pretty casual, in a mini skirt, heels and an oversized cardigan. I should have known Bryan had something up his sleeve, he was wearing khaki pants and a short sleeve button up, I remember asking him why he was dressed like that and he stated that he wanted to look like a local.


Within 15 minutes Bryan was back with our golf cart, I hadn’t realized how scary it was to be inside one, there were no doors or anything else besides a flimsy seat belt to keep you in. I put a brave face on as we made our way through the town, making a stop at lovers point and awing at the wonderment of the island once again. I saw in the distance that we were approaching a mountain and I panicked, I began to cry begging Bryan to take us down. It felt so steep on the way up and I couldn’t help but fear for our lives. To take my mind off of it all Bryan asked me to play some music and take pictures at our scenery. I obliged as best as I could, putting my phone in the air hoping to take some good pictures while holding onto him. We reached a point of the mountain where you could see all of Avalon, I was in awe at its beauty but refused to get out of the cart because fear had overcome me.  Bryan asked if I trusted him and I said yes of course, we made our way down the mountain side and I started to regain my composure. We stop at a dirt hill in front of 3 teenage boys, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, I honestly believed that Bryan was going to buy weed off of them. I paid no attention to the boys until I heard one scream, “Oh my god, look at what he’s doing,” I thought, “wait what is he doing,” I look down and I see Bryan on bended knee, I say out loud, “What is that,” he stops me and asks me to marry him. I black out just a bit just shocked at what was happening, I cried again only this time tears of joy, how he pulled this all off without me knowing was still as shock to me, asking my dad for permission was the best part of it all. I love this man and I cannot wait until we are officially married, forever and ever.

Walk this Way…

The Walking Dead Season 6 Will Start with the Most Zombies Ever


Okay, I’m late but The Walking Dead premiered this past Sunday and it was AHHHHMAAZZING!


This episode was definitely tearworthy, I mean I know I cry a lot but oh my god!


There was definitely a lot of character development in this episode alone. If you haven’t watched this episode or the show, go away we no longer need to be friends.


Starting from the beginning you see Daryl, Sasha and Abraham driving back to Alexandria when they are stopped by a group of men on motorcycles. Not friendly men, it looks like these were the people who ran them off the road last season! They demand that they give up their weapons and threaten to kill them all, I didn’t pay much to the conversation because in my head I was slowly shooting each any everyone one of them with my bow and arrow. Then as Sasha is begging them not to kill them you hear a boom and splat! Daryl came out of no where with a bazooka?! Bye-bye bad guys!


Then next scene is where we left off originally, Alexandria became over ran with the Wolverines, where a lot of our no named townsfolk were brutally massacred, then an infestation of Walkers began entering the town. Obviously those who have lived in the refuge of the town are the first to go, unable to defend themselves, while our heroes and main cast members are left to defend their home (yet again). Rick has everyone wearing sheets adorned with the innards of the Walkers (if you didn’t know, wearing Walker blood and innards will make you practically invisible to the undead). Well any who they are hold each others hands like a chain to ensure they stay together, they finally reach an area where they can whisper to one another. Father Gabriel has a saving grace moment and suggests that he takes little kick to protect her with all he has. Rick completely obliges because he knows that Father Gabriel wants to prove that he is a good man.


The rest are to separate to and grab any vehicle they could to get the steer the Walkers away with the noise of the cars. Morgan and Carol awaken after being struck by one of the captive Wolverines, he holds the lesbian lady doctor Denise hostage and tries to escape out of the overridden town back into the woods. As they make their attempt to flee, Denise is suddenly surrounded by Walkers, the Wolverine guy comes to her rescue and is eventually bit, Denise claims he can save him if he takes her to the infirmary, he obliges and off they go.


Back to the scene of Rick, Carl, Michon, Jessie, Ron and Sam desperately grasping onto one another’s hands, Sam keeps playing the threats made by Carol in his head, which is weird because he just basically told his mom that he was going to be brave. Sam freaks out and lets go of his mothers hands and boom a walker senses the commotion and goes in for the kill. Jessie is in shock and SCREAMS and basically reveals their cover, Rick tries to calm her down but can’t, she too gets eaten but is still holding onto Carl’s hand. Carl tries to get out of Jessies grasp, at this moment I’m thinking oh my god Carl is a goner. Rick wields his axe and chops of Jessie’s hand, knocking Carl to the ground. Then the other dumbass son Ron gets a hold of Carl’s gun which fell to the ground just as Carl had and boom Carl is shot in the eye. Michon thrusts her sword into the back of Ron and he instantly dies, stupid kid!


I am crying at this point of the show.


Back to Denise and the Wolf, as they are walking through the town with Walkers in toe you hear another gun shot and down goes the Wolf by Carol and her gun toting ways. Denise witnesses Michon and Rick with Carl in his arms running into the infirmary. Denise knows right away that any movement or commotion made in the infirmary would attract Walkers but she knew she had to save Carl. In rushes Rick, frantic to save his son’s life, Denise begins as the Walkers get closer to their location. Instantly Rick runs outside wielding his knife and attacks any Walker that would dare near the infirmary, obviously he is panicking with the fear or losing Carl.
This is when you see such great character development, as Rick is on his own defending his son and their home out comes Michon, Aaron and Heath to help in this fight. As the other town folk peer through their window they too get a sense of courage and start making their way through the crowd of undead, slowly but surely all the townsfolk come together and are fighting for their lives.


I’m tearing up and have goosebumps, because this needed to happen to strengthen this town, it needed to.


Father Gabriel is holding Little Kick Ass as he peeks through the window, he is with a group of church goes trying to find solace, he passes the baby to another member as he tells them “We’ve been prating together, praying God will save our town. Our prayers are answered. God will save Alexandria because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves,” I broke down in tears as he says this because he encourages those with him to get out and fight (obviously not the lady with the baby but you get it). Joy overcomes my heart, what happens to Maggie, Glen and Enid, I’ll get to that just wait…


So Glen and Enid are in the church looking for tucked away weapons, Enid is hesitant until Glen tells her who he’s living for. You hear Glen name off those who have passed away in the past seasons as Enid says she will live on for her parents. Glen and Enid devise a plan where Glen will distract the Walkers so Enid can save a pregnant Maggie from her demise. Maggie at this point is unaware that Glen is still even alive and when she sees him attempting to lure the Walkers away she nearly collapses out of happiness. Glen shoots any Walker that makes his way as Enid tries to save Maggie. Glen is surrounded and once again you feel as if a beloved character is going to die. Gunshots are fired and Abraham and Sasha have come with Daryl to save the them!


There are so many tears and so much shouting in my bedroom right now, the episode is coming to an end and so much hope has been restored. Daryl remembers an idea that was given to him long ago, he flows the petrol from their tank and sets their lake on fire, as this happens the Walkers notice the flames and one by one walk into the lake meeting their demise.


What a great ending right? I am so excited for what’s to come this season I think it’ll be one of the better seasons to watch.

Sucks, Period

This pain is seriously overwhelming and I just want to lay on my stomach and have monster truck roll over my body. There was nothing I could do last night except sleep through the pain; I got myself into bed at 10pm and only moved when Bryan finally came home.


All I want to do is go home, put The Notebook on, throw a heating pad on my back and sleep until this is over. No! I was thinking that this would ruin my weekend but it will not, I refuse, I’m going to suck it up, put my granny panties on and handle this like a lady! Kind of, maybe.


It basically ruined my whole day yesterday, I ate 4 pieces of fried chicken with champagne and drifted in and out of watching Top Chef and The Poltergeist 2, I have a very big fascination for Horror and Suspense movies.


Oh and I actually ended up downloading the Kendal and Kylie Jenner game on my iphone, I know I’m 26 and playing pretend. My avatar is way cooler then me, she has her own place in Malibu, has super cool hair and hangs out with Kylie and Kendal. They even suckered me into buying with real money some of their gems to stay afloat. God I am a dunce, but it helped pass the time and helped alleviate some of this pain.


So, I will, I will really try at least, to make it to the gym, go Birthday Gift Shopping for Bryan, buy a new lamp and finally clean my walk in closet!


Suck It

I worked for Nordstrom for almost 4 years, I managed, I worked at a Full Line Store, I worked at  two Racks, I was a well rounded employee.
Yesterday I had my first very bad experience at Nordstrom in my whole career and whole shopping life. I love eyelashes and so for Valentines Day my fiancé decided he would get me new lashes. I already had new lashes so I thought it would be silly to keep these and I had never had a problem return anything from Nordstrom before. We were at the Nordstrom in Fashion Valley, as we approached the Mac counter there was no greeting. I asked to exchange a couple of things for the new Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick, the sales person looked and said sure. I handed her the never been touch, never been worn eyelashes (obviously still in their case), she stated, “Oh I can’t return these, that’s our policy,” I looked at her and said, “You should look at the back of this receipt, you don’t have a return policy,” then I asked to speak to her manager, she ran back and said that he stated they could not return it. Because I worked for Nordstrom for so long, I knew what they were trying to do, I asked to speak to the manager himself. He came to the counter and told me again that they couldn’t return the product, I stood firm and said, “These items were bought as a Valentine’s Gift, the UIIS are attacked the packaging and no has ever specified that eyelashes are non-returnable.” He then decided to say that he would return the lashes just this once, I rolled my eyes as he walked away.


I wasn’t trying to be a jerk but policies are written out a paper so if there were any problems sales associates have something to back them up, if there are no return policies then you can’t just make up your own rules.


Since I no longer work for Nordstrom, I think it’s safe to say that my shopping ventures have subsided significantly. I hate to pay full price for anything; I get anxiety knowing that I won’t be able to get a discount on my purchases. Unless you’ve had the fortune of buying a REAL designer handbag for 85% of retail value like, myself, then you’ll never really understand why it pains me to shop.

Givenchy Large Antigona Duffel -  -


This is the Givenchy Large Antigona Bag, it retails for $3500, I magically purchased the bag for $500 including my discount when it arrived at my store (which was a Nordstrom Rack). These items are typically called NQC because they are refurbished pieces. There was a tiny little scratch in the hardware but I didn’t care one bit. As managers you tend to get first pick of the fun NQC pieces that would come in. Fortunately for myself I have been able to snag a half dozen NQC purses.

Before this glorious bag came into my life, my most coveted piece was my Stam Bag by Marc Jacobs. Lauren Conrad toted this bag around throughout her time filming The Hills, it was my dream bag at 18. When it came to the first Nordstrom Rack I started working for, I was in such awe and disbelief. The original retail cost was $1395, I snagged this bag for a mere $200 with my discount. I needed a lot of council as a proceeded to the check out, my friend and manager at the time, insisted that I was making a great decision in my life and that it would be a staple piece for my life. I listened and I believed, I stood there shaking as I slid my card through. I was in so much shock an disbelief at my luck!

I hope that I come into some luck and money so I can buy the Chanel Classic Double Flap Handbag in the Black. If ever get that bag, I would stop shopping for handbags because that would be it for me. I hate to say this but I would work back at Nordstrom, just for the discount.



What a difference a year can make. Last year around this time, my then best friend Alora got engaged to the love of her life Tim. All I had ever wanted was for her to be happy and when she met Tim, I knew right away that he would be it for her. She found her love and so had I, we spoke about being bridesmaids in one another’s weddings and when I got engaged in June 2014 she was a shoe in to be my Maid of Honor.


Shortly after her engagement our relationship started to deteriorate, it really came out of no where. Bryan and I celebrated their engagement by taking them out for dinner and drinks as they had done for us. We were so excited to celebrate them, we were so happy for them, but it all slowly started to change. She was just being a mean girl, not inviting me to a Bridal Bazaar when she had clearly and deliberately invited her sister-in-law Valerie and our mutual friend and fellow bridesmaid in my wedding Nadia as well as Alora’s mom and mother in law. She suggested it was an oversight and that it was a spur of the moment adventure. Let’s get real these things are planned in advance and it was basically a bull shit excuse. I asked her about it again and she stated that she thought that I would dull her sparkle. First of all that’s out of my character, I would never do that to her none the less to any other friend.


At that point I felt like my heart was broken, how can my best friend ever think that I would take anything away from her? It hurt and for months I was in shambles, I decided to brush it under the rug because I had cared for her so much, after all she was my best friend. The following months she started to exclude me from more and more things, her birthday, her miniature dress shopping then her larger scale dress shopping anything that had to do with her and her wedding. At this point I took a stand and refused to talk to her. Everything became so fake, so plastic and she was becoming the mean girl everyone had said she was.


She’s getting married soon and I haven’t spoken to her since October, nothing in the world will change my decision. I had the toughest year of my life last year and she attributed to most of the sorrow. I feel nothing for her, but hope that she has the life she’s always wanted and wedding she’s always dreamed of.