Buy Me

If I weren’t saving and spending money on wedding things, I would be shopping more often. When I think about it, if I didn’t buy anything Free People last year I could have bought a $1200 wedding dress, but to each their own, I don’t do drugs, I shop Free People.

Product Image: Julia Blouse

Free People “Julia” Blouse – $108

Product Image: Dancing in the Moonlight Top

Free People “Dancing in the Moonlight” – $168

Product Image: Retro Romance Top

Free People “Retro Romance” – $88

Product Image: Sylvia Mini Dress

Free People “Sylvia Mini Dress” – $168


Hair Distress

I am not so sure if I should be concerned about this but a couple of months ago, my fiancé noticed that I had a little bald spot on my head, I laughed it off because I have had long and luscious hair ever since I can remember.


Today as I was getting ready for work, I was in the bathroom doing my makeup and I noticed that I had a very strange soft, hairless oblong spot on my scalp. I felt a sense of fear rush through my body, my hair was my crowning glory and now, I am fear that the one thing that made me feel beautiful would suddenly be taken away from me.


I’m touching my hair more often now, it’s only been one day, I know that my mom has really fine hair so I am hoping that this is just one little spot and it will start to grow back soon. I hadn’t noticed it before so I am hoping that I can just wait it out, eat healthier, stress less and work out more. I’m afraid, because my hair is the only thing that makes me feel beautiful.

Coachella Coachella

I had major Coachella FOMO over the weekend, yeah the musical line ups were so good, but all I wanted to do was partake in the Fashion Venture that is Coachella.

Thanks to Snapchat and all of the other social media apps out there I was so excited to see all the the outfits everyone was wearing. Some outfits were classic music festival style, cut off denim shorts, body suit and flowy kimono! I am all for the whole festival vibe, but there were some really really good fashionistas I need to copy right away! See my favorite outfits from Coachella’s First Weekend!

Ashley Benson in Lover and Friends Star Print Dress $180.00

Emma Roberts in N by Nicholas Denim Button Up Dress $435.00