Sister, Sister

Being a teenager in the early 00’s was pretty horrific, being a teen in any era must have been horrific. The non-stop anxiety of whether or not you were good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. Thinking about it makes me want to revert into a fetal position.


You can describe my sense of style at the age of 15 as punk-ish and I believe the term was “scene queen,” I look back at my choice of outfits now and I wonder why my parents let me leave the house! I mean I sewed my jeans skinny, way before skinny jeans were in. I layered multi color pearls around my neck and adorned my white jacket with safety pins, band pins and patches. I don’t know about you but I thought I looked pretty cute. I even cut my hair short and razored the very top to look cooler. My make up was very minimal when it came to face powder, but my eyeliner and lashes were wicked scene.


Even in my garb I always found myself fascinated with the love of fashion and style. I read Teen Vogue religiously and watched as new trends moved forward, ultimately helping me find my sense of me. My very very first style icons had to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I mean I was growing up as they were, just a lot richer. Let’s enjoy these amazing fashion moments that is Mary-Kate and Ashley!



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