Women Against Rape

I cried yesterday, cried at my desk and thought how cruel the world could be. How innocence and self love can be tainted by an act that can never be forgotten.


You might all know her story by now, a twenty-three year old woman raped and assaulted by a 19 year old “swim star.” The outcome of the trial was disgusting, degrading and absolutely horrific. To give a rapist a 6 month sentence in jail?! That’s absolutely absurd; the punishment did not fit the crime in any way. How this judge was able to do this, how was he able to determine the severity of the crime?


Perhaps if this 19 year old “man” was Black, Mexican, or Asian, this ruling would sway a different way?


According to the judge, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him (the rapist Brock Allen Turner). I think he will not be a danger to others.”


Not a danger to others?! He raped a woman who was drunk and could not fend for herself let alone consent to having sex behind a dumpster? This is how sociopaths are created; they get away with their first crime and feel as if they can do it over and over again. I would rather no other woman figure out the hard way whether or not he is a danger to society. The bullshit he stating about going from school to school to educate others on drinking is a hard laugh. What school would allow a sex offender to walk the halls with their students to educate them on how not to rape?! I think that no one will heed advice from the likes of Turner.


This is my message from me to Turner:


What kind of world are you living where you felt as if your actions were dignified? Who taught you that it was okay for you to take advantage of a incoherent woman who instead of raping you could have helped? You are a swim hero but now you’ll forever be branded as a rapist. Guess what, it wasn’t her fault, it was all yours. From an early age we are taught the difference between right and wrong, what happened in your upbringing? Did your parents let you get away with whatever you wanted? Were you always told that you can do no wrong? Imagine if you had a daughter and she went to a party and she was assaulted? Would you blame her? Ask that of your parents, if it were the other way around how would they feel? I don’t want you to ever get out of jail, I don’t want to know that you’re back with the rest of society. You disgust me and you disgust the rest of the world, stay in jail, go to prison. You are an absolute disgrace to everyone and I say everyone. I hope that when you’re in jail you look back at what you did and realize the severity of your actions. How it could have been prevented if you were a real man and not a boy. How dare you hurt a woman and belittle the trauma that she has felt and will forever feel. You are what is wrong with society, you are a rapist, understand that.


To the courageous young woman who let her story be told, I am sorry, I am sorry that this happened to you, I am sorry that the ruling wasn’t fair, I am sorry for your pain. There are countless strangers who have read your story and praise your strength. I hope you don’t’ let what happened to you determine your self worth because you are more than this! We stand by you forever and always.


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