Road Trippp

Last week Bryan and I took an Anniversary Vacation and it was definitely memorable!


With our new schedules, we’ve been able to spend a lot more time together but this time together was very much needed. We packed up our fur babies, Dakota and Kodiak along with 4 days of clothing and off we went. Bryan’s parents live in LA so we use their home as a base camp, spending our first day and night before a very long drive to San Francisco!


Road Trip Do’s and Don’t’s

  • DO top off all your fluids in your car – You don’t want to overheat anything
  • DO bring your own water – Gas Stations charge 25 cents for Ice Cups
  • DO bring sun protection – Sunglasses and Sun Block
  • DO bring hand sanitizing wipes or gel – We were in a Gas Station where the toilet had flies
  • DO have good tunes Driving for long periods of time can be draining, good music always helps
  • DO use the restroom at every stop Go even if you don’t need to, it’ll save you from the pain later
  • Do keep your navigational devices and phones charged – It will not be fun to have dead electronics
  • Do have treats for those fur babies if they get a little restless. Fortunately Kodiak and Dakota slept through the drive.
  • DO NOT over spend on snacks – I learned the hard way, Bryan and I took turns driving to San Francisco and we honestly did not have time to eat snacks along the way, someone was always sleeping
  • DO NOT use your card at remote gas stations – I carried cash specifically for this reason
  • DO NOT be a “Negative Nancy” – Road trips are long and tiring but the journey is the best part


Road Trips in general can be very stressful, make sure you are driving a reliable car that you know can make the journey to your destination. It’s fucking terrifying to drive in brand new city and not know if your car will make the drive through. Especially with short trips you want to make it every single stop and listen to your schedule, but what’s the point? You shouldn’t hurry to get to your destination, because the journey is the best part.


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