Free the People

Free People did the craziest thing I have ever seen them do last Friday and everyone went absolutely crazy.


No they weren’t giving away free puppies, I wish, they were giving an additional 50% off discount on their sale items, which included tons of shoes, clothes, hair accessories, handbags, all that good good!


Of course I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity, I made it a point to only shop online because the stores would definitely be a hot mess with long lines out the door, trust me I shopped that random 10 for $35 Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale and I waited in line for over an hour!


No, no, no, no, no!


My first order, yes first, included a cross body bag and a blouse, I placed the order with some minor issues but we won’t talk about that. After another hour passes by I look at the site again and find even more goodies, which created my last order, did I mention that they were also providing FREE SHIPPING, it was like the Free People Goddesses were smiling down on me shouting, “Shop, shop some more!” I had to restrain my use of my credit card, which was for the good. $65 for a two blouses, a dress and a cross body bag, I wish I would have bought more, I really do, that my friends is my only regret!


My first order, which was partial, arrived Monday, my second order arrived Tuesday and my last item which was from my first order arrived today, Wednesday 27th! I looked again at their sale portion of their site and it went from 64 pages of just tops to 17 pages, that was so crazy.


Here’s my order…



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Coastal Scents Order Review

I am going to do you guys a solid and trust me when I say that the images on Coastal Scents is so misleading that you’ll say to yourself, “What the hell did I just order.”


I’ll provide photos from my order confirmation and a photo of the delivered goods and you can make form your own decision.


So, I had originally received a $5 off discount for my online purchase and I was excited to know that it was only $1.95 per piece, $10 a piece at MAC or $12 a piece at Anastasia, so I searched through the each page searching for the perfect hue of rose gold, I was ecstatic when I actually found some good candidates and I quickly placed them in my cart. Upon checkout though, the site prompted a 20% off code which didn’t make sense because I was only purchasing $16 worth of shadows, well the system deleted my $5 off code and replaced it with the 20% discount instead, I couldn’t undo their error, so I had to stick with the discount I didn’t want.


Other than that annoyance, they did arrive in a timely manner so that I will praise them on, but when I opened my package I felt a sense of confusion, the photos in my order confirmation were completely different from my actual order! What the F!? I mean the pinkish gold tones I had seen online were completely muted and brown even?! Ugly! Nothing like what I had ordered.


When I emailed their customer service they directed me to a link showing a disclaimer, that the images on their website may differ considering the resolution of your screens. What? Are you kidding, that’s some bullshit excuse to say they are misleading their clients to purchasing their merchandise? This disclaimer is not on the order form, not throughout checkout, and not under the description of the product itself. They state that you have to look through the companies’ policies and search for that particular disclaimer. It’s there but it’s not visible unless you search for it. Don’t bother to purchase their product, you get what you pay for, trust me on this.

The Balding Bride

You know, seeing patches of missing hair on my scalp doesn’t really scare me as much as it did in the very beginning. I don’t have health insurance so I can’t just go to a doctor to be referred to a dermatologist to learn that I may or may not have a form of alopecia. My mother has thinner hair now than when she did when she was my age and my dad has a full head of hair, so yes it was traumatizing at first, but now I think I’ve learned to numb the fear and move on.


Fortunately for me these patches are very hard to see unless I show you, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better. I can honestly say that I’ve only discussed the hair loss with 5 people, who include my parents, my fiancé, my best friend Eddie and my friend Janette. I feel kind of ashamed in a way discussing it with anyone else and I worry that they’ll judge me for it, but I feel so much more at peace voicing it out in my blog.


The first blog that I read, had a girl who was a ballerina and working at a stressful job which in turn had her lose her hair, she showed pictures of her hair line and I was so scared at first that I thought if I stopped reading then it wouldn’t true and that what I was going through wasn’t the same. Right now they are small patches, ¾ quarters the length of my thumb, my newest one is closer to my hair line and is the size of a dime. Unlike the ballerina, her hair loss was moving in at an awfully rapid speed, mine I suppose has been going on for some time with my notice. My mom insisted that it is all caused by stress and that my hair would grow back in six months, so I’ve used that to build my confidence that this too will subside. I look at the thumb sized patch and find a little hope at the hair follicles trying to push through. I try not to worry about it too much because there is so much more important things going on in my life.


I’m going to be marrying my best friend in 15 months and I’ve kind of dubbed myself “The Balding Bride,” I laugh at it but deep down I am absolutely terrified that it’s happening. Bryan is extremely supportive, especially with my holistic approach, I’ve been using a tea tree oil and tea tree oil scalp conditioner in hopes that a miracle will happen. But if worst comes to worst, then I can get a cool wig that’s already styled and colored the way I want and I don’t have to waste my money on styling products, shampoo, conditioners, hair cuts and colors, those are all upsides to this down spiraling story. In the meantime I will continuously apply tea tree oil unto the balding patches, massage scalp oil into my hair and let the surprisingly satisfying sting of tea tree conditioner into my scalp. What can go wrong right, I lose my hair? It’s already happening so the only thing I can do is wait for my potions to work and hope for the best.

The Journey…

If you’re reading this and you find yourself wanting to grow up faster, I want to tell you to wait and enjoy the journey, you’ll get to your destination eventually but if you don’t get lost along the way it won’t be worth it.


When I was younger I would write myself letters hoping that the older me was prettier, smarter, more successful with a closet that would make any girl jealous, I hoped that I was in love and wished such good things for myself, even asking that if I had a Chanel bag yet. I would never get to answer myself but if I did this is what I would say…


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and on the days that we feel the ugliest there is a handsome man telling us the opposite, he is the knight in shinning armor that we have been waiting for, and damn was the wait worth it. I love him and he loves me, but before meeting him there was a lot of heart break but we never let those bring us down. We dusted ourselves off even when it felt like things couldn’t get better and we remained strong. Understand that loving someone so much only allows us to be vulnerable to unimaginable pain and loss when the love is gone, so know that with pain there will be healing and what doesn’t kill does make you stronger.


We have always been smart, though our decisions may not have always been the brightest; it has molded us to who we are today. I wish that I was a successful publicist, or designer or business woman we both wanted so badly to be, but working in the industry it was really easy to lose our soul and our minds. Right now we work in a little office in Old Town working for people who actually care about our well being and want us to succeed, one day when I truly know what I want with my life I will make another journey to make sure that I am successful in the way I want to be.


Our Prince Charming basically built us the Walk in Closet, from the fixtures to the shelves; he did that all, we did help but he took our vision and went with it. We have really nice things, beautiful clothes, handbags and shoes, everything you had wanted as a little girl but as we have gotten older the material things start to under weigh what is really important in life and that my dear is time. Time to spend with our family and friends, time to understand who we are becoming, time is the most critical thing and often forgotten. I am so thankful that my journey thus far has brought so much into my life, great friends, a better relationship with my parents, two baby bears provide unconditional love and a wonderful fiancé who has stood by my side through the good and bad.


Understand that we are lucky because we did not live a world of fear but embraced all the changes and has never let it consume us.”


Wanting to grow up isn’t bad, but don’t forget to take a moment and just enjoy it all.