Coastal Scents Order Review

I am going to do you guys a solid and trust me when I say that the images on Coastal Scents is so misleading that you’ll say to yourself, “What the hell did I just order.”


I’ll provide photos from my order confirmation and a photo of the delivered goods and you can make form your own decision.


So, I had originally received a $5 off discount for my online purchase and I was excited to know that it was only $1.95 per piece, $10 a piece at MAC or $12 a piece at Anastasia, so I searched through the each page searching for the perfect hue of rose gold, I was ecstatic when I actually found some good candidates and I quickly placed them in my cart. Upon checkout though, the site prompted a 20% off code which didn’t make sense because I was only purchasing $16 worth of shadows, well the system deleted my $5 off code and replaced it with the 20% discount instead, I couldn’t undo their error, so I had to stick with the discount I didn’t want.


Other than that annoyance, they did arrive in a timely manner so that I will praise them on, but when I opened my package I felt a sense of confusion, the photos in my order confirmation were completely different from my actual order! What the F!? I mean the pinkish gold tones I had seen online were completely muted and brown even?! Ugly! Nothing like what I had ordered.


When I emailed their customer service they directed me to a link showing a disclaimer, that the images on their website may differ considering the resolution of your screens. What? Are you kidding, that’s some bullshit excuse to say they are misleading their clients to purchasing their merchandise? This disclaimer is not on the order form, not throughout checkout, and not under the description of the product itself. They state that you have to look through the companies’ policies and search for that particular disclaimer. It’s there but it’s not visible unless you search for it. Don’t bother to purchase their product, you get what you pay for, trust me on this.



  1. With All My Affection · July 26, 2016

    Oh wow that is so unfortunate! I hate it when the products does not have the same colour payoff than the ones advertised.


    • karynblabs · June 16, 2017

      Right? I was so disheartened with their customer service that I refuse to give them a second go. The bright back drops of the individual eye shadows were not very true to their actual swatching.


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