Free the People

Free People did the craziest thing I have ever seen them do last Friday and everyone went absolutely crazy.


No they weren’t giving away free puppies, I wish, they were giving an additional 50% off discount on their sale items, which included tons of shoes, clothes, hair accessories, handbags, all that good good!


Of course I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity, I made it a point to only shop online because the stores would definitely be a hot mess with long lines out the door, trust me I shopped that random 10 for $35 Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale and I waited in line for over an hour!


No, no, no, no, no!


My first order, yes first, included a cross body bag and a blouse, I placed the order with some minor issues but we won’t talk about that. After another hour passes by I look at the site again and find even more goodies, which created my last order, did I mention that they were also providing FREE SHIPPING, it was like the Free People Goddesses were smiling down on me shouting, “Shop, shop some more!” I had to restrain my use of my credit card, which was for the good. $65 for a two blouses, a dress and a cross body bag, I wish I would have bought more, I really do, that my friends is my only regret!


My first order, which was partial, arrived Monday, my second order arrived Tuesday and my last item which was from my first order arrived today, Wednesday 27th! I looked again at their sale portion of their site and it went from 64 pages of just tops to 17 pages, that was so crazy.


Here’s my order…



order_summary_placeholder1 order_summary_placeholder1 order_summary_placeholder1 order_summary_placeholder1




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