Pit Bull Love


This is Nala, she’s a red nose pit bull and I love her to death.


When I first started dating Bryan he was living in Point Loma with his roommates Jimmy and Rachel, they had two pit bulls, DJ (Duke Junior) and Nala. At first there I was extremely scared of these two dogs, there were incidents when DJ would just pounce on me and even growl at me. For a whole year whenever I stayed over at Bryan’s house there needed to be a baby gate put up to ensure my safety.


In the evening when it was just Bryan and I alone at the house, he would have the pit bulls in Jimmy and Rachel’s room, I could hear Nala crying asking to come out, and I looked at Bryan and asked if he could bring her out. He opened the door and she ran out so excited, I sat there patiently, and she slowly moved closer to me, giving me licks and laying by my side. From that point we were best friends, she wanted to lay in bed with us and wanted me to drape her in my scarves and jewelry. DJ started coming around too, he would wait outside of the baby gate and hear us give praises and love to Nala, he wanted in on the action too.


At this time, Jimmy’s mom Susie moved into the room across the way from Bryans and she too had a huge dog named Buddy, Buddy wasn’t the brightest but he was the biggest dog I had ever seen. Just as DJ started coming around Buddy attacked DJ which caused him to lose so much blood. He laid in Jimmy’s room doped up on so many pain killers and I came in to give him so affection. I lay my hand across his aching body and told him that he would be just fine and that we were there to protect him. Something changed in DJ right after the incident and began to be gentle towards me; he would give me so many kisses as I walked in and jumped on me to give me pit bull hugs. He and Nala would come into our room and wake us up in the morning and lay in our queen size bed. They were over protective of me, even when Bryan would scream at the TV, DJ would jump on top of me and bark at Bryan to stop.


When we all had to move out, it was so hard not seeing their faces every day, but eventually they would be able to stay over a couple of times.


Then days turned into months, and months turned into years and then Bryan got news from Jimmy saying Nala was sick. She had a bad infection in Point Loma, but they were able to fix her right up, this was a different scenario, there was something more serious going on.


It was cancer.


Cancer is the scariest, most bone trembling word anyone can every hear, at this day and age I feel as if everyone’s been effected by Cancer one way or another. Nala’s vets tell us that she’s not going to live for much longer and that broke my hair. There’s a tumor in her nose and it has slowly started spreading to her eyes, after not seeing her for a little over two years, I finally got to see Nala and DJ. I was afraid that they wouldn’t recognize me and it broke my heart. I entered Jimmy and Rachel’s new house and they instantly ran towards me with so much happiness. There was so much kisses and tears from everyone, I hugged Nala and instantly we were both in tears, yes she and I both. She gave me a kiss and held her so tight, I told her I loved her and she cried, she smiled when I wrapped her very own scarf around her neck. She looked just like the same old Nala, it was only when I looked for it did I see her tumor, it was large and made her look like a Bull Terrier, all I cared about at that point was to make her happy. It was so bittersweet, it had taken so long for me to see them and here I finally was. DJ at points of his excitement would come to the couch, jump up to me as if to hug be and gave me the biggest kisses I had ever received from him.


When we were setting out to go back home, Nala refused to give me a kiss goodbye, I had to beg her, she sat there crying not wanting us to go. I cried for a while, especially because I did not want either one of them to think that I had loved them any less and for the possibility that they might have felt abandoned by Bryan and I. I hope that this isn’t the last time I see Nala alive and happy, I hope that the tumor magically goes away and she is healthy again.


Love your pets, you are their entire worlds.