It’s Hard Out There for a Victim

I am really dumb founded at the outcome of these well publicized rape trails, I hate saying it but I really do believe that that there is such thing as White Male Privilege in the Justice System.


Let’s see, if these crimes were done by people who are on the tanner side of the spectrum, they would be in prison for more than 6 weeks. But no, these white, male teenagers have been privileged to know that society doesn’t want to see them fail, but to grow from their “mistakes.”


The mistake was allowing them to believe that they’re better than anyone else and that the crime that you committed wasn’t as severe. Not wanting to ruin the lives of these boys, I will never consider them to be men, is a way of justifying their actions. What do you think happens to the young women and men they’ve assaulted, what do you think happens to them mentally? Their lives are ruined, not only is what happened to them physically damaging, but it’s also emotionally, mentally and at times socially as well. How do you think these victims are supposed to react when they know their attacker is out there scot-free?
I would be horrified, worried constantly about having to watch my back.


So why, why do we allow this to continue on, will there be vigilantes that will defend us, because God knows that our Justice System if you’re a sexual assault victim. They look at you and believe that you might have taken some part in the actions. Drinking too much, wearing clothing that would provoke cat callers, stop blaming the victim and look at it on a larger scale. If you believe that alcohol is the reason why rape happens, go to a bar filled with intoxicated people, do you see people openly raping one another, NO! These actions are done because the perpetrator wanted to do them, they weren’t forced to rape their victim, they did it on their own accord.


We need a justice system that will truly seek justice in these countless cases, we need a justice system that victims aren’t afraid to run to in these cases, because from what I see, they victimize the perpetrator and shame the victim.


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